"Feels Good, Feels Right"

The Rice Straw was born out of the need for an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic consumption while aiming to retain the functionality and durability of a plastic straw.

 As the world becomes increasingly aware of its growing plastic waste problem, alternatives to disposable plastic straws have become urgent. While some may argue straws aren’t necessary altogether, they’re at least undeniably convenient. However, finding eco-friendly options shouldn’t have to mean choosing a less enjoyable experience.

With The Rice Straw you can improve your drinking experience, while adopting sustainable solutions.


So Why Rice?

Made essentially of rice flour, stabilisers, and natural dyes, our rice straws are affordable, 100% natural, sustainable, biodegradable, plastic-free, gluten-free and ocean-safe.




Rice straws are fully biodegrable, compostable in 90 days and even marine-edible. Most paper straws can't be recycled after used and won't degrade properly without specialized industrial processes. This means our straws are completely harmless to the environment and can be disposed in multiple ways.

No taste 

Made with natural colorants, these rice straws won't alter the taste of your drink. In addition, being 100% organic you don't have to worry about digesting harmful chemicals.

Holds form 

Suitable for warm and cold beverages, our rice straws are resistant and durable. They won't break down or get soggy while you enjoy your drink.


Great for restaurants and bars, parties and picnics, children and adults - let your creativity flow with our colorful range of straws and serve beautiful cocktails, smoothies, juices and soft drinks. Besides, unlike some reusable options you don't have to worry about difficult washing processes.

Did you know?

380 million tons of plastic are produced every year, of which 10 million tons are dumped into our oceans? Researchers estimate that up to 50% of the plastic produced yearly is intended for single-use purposes – a few moments of use for hundreds of years of impact.


Many sea turtles in our oceans today have been alive long before plastic was around. Nonetheless, all seven species are considered threatened or endangered – plastic ingestion or entanglement being the number one cause.


The Starfish is a keystone species, meaning that without them their ecosystem would be dramatically different or cease to exist altogether. However, researchers have found that these creatures are facing huge population losses due to climate change and microplastic ingestion.


The Pelican family has been around for more than 30 million years. Considered a major conservation success story, the pelican has made a comeback after the use of DDT was banned. Today its biggest threat is plastic pollution.


The Seahorse plays an important role both as predator and prey in its ecosystem. These unique marine organisms don’t have a fully developed stomach, needing to feast almost constantly to survive. Many times, this means tiny microplastics are quickly mistaken for prey.


From the icy desert of Antarctica to the warm southwestern coast of Africa, the Penguin plays an important role in ecosystems both in the ocean and on land. Not only affected by global warming, marine plastic pollution poses a threat to penguins by entanglement, by directly eating it or by indirect ingestion. You can still help protect our marine life from plastic pollution. Forget paper & plastic, the rice straw is the solution you’ve been searching for.